About Eklego Design

Eklego Design is an award-winning Cairo-based architecture, interior, and furniture design firm established in 2000 by Hedayat Islam and Dina El Khachab. Over the past 15 years, the firm has rapidly grown from a staff of three, to a team of over 40 employees, including 20 dedicated architects and designers, united by a shared passion for culture and the arts.

Eklego’s design team works on a range of commercial and residential projects. Our involvement ranges from purely consultative to the complete delivery of high-end architectural design projects. From working with clients in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, our belief is that an unparalleled understanding of the project and the client’s needs is fundamental to creating distinct and modern environments, perfectly suited for the purpose intended. Hence, building a strong client relationship is always the first step on any project.

Since 2005, Eklego has also been designing contemporary furniture and home accessories. With a dedicated team of in-house furniture designers and currently two showrooms in Cairo, Eklego caters to both end-customers and large scale custom furniture projects. Our furniture collection, designed and produced in Egypt, combines modern materials with local traditions to create timeless pieces that are meticulously designed, while offering great value.

Our Design Philosophy & Values

“Eklego” is the Greek origin of the word "I choose", meaning to draw upon various styles, sources or cultures. We use this principle to inform our style and guide our creative approach. Our ethos is that the best results always come from considering functionality in the light of original design. Whether we’re creating spaces or products, the fusion of different ideas from different backgrounds is what makes our designs unique by nature and enjoyable by experience. That is the trademark of Eklego.