Eklego Design is a full-service design firm working in the following areas:

Eklego’s architectural design team works on a range of commercial and residential projects, from consultation to full architectural design. Our designs incorporate functionalism, constructability, and beauty and are a reflection of the functional and stylistic needs of the user and client.

Eklego’s interior design projects range from private homes and summer villas, to restaurants and commercial spaces. Eklego specializes in high-end interiors projects that can involve architecture, custom designed furniture, as well as art and design from around the world. Our philosophy is to combine style, comfort, functionality and attention to detail to create spaces which are contemporary and livable.

Eklego’s retail concept focuses on providing customers with a complete lifestyle range that includes furniture, fabrics, and home accessories that cover kitchen, table, and decoration. Eklego designs and produces its own exclusive line of contemporary furniture and accessories, working with some of the best furniture manufacturers in Egypt to guarantee superior materials and quality. Eklego also houses a unique collection of imported home accessories, handpicked from design-based brands around the world.